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Besides paid shoots i also do content share shoots with other performers and sometimes photographers. Basically there are 4 options for content share, which you can find below.

Content days (performers only)

A couple of times a year i organise a content share day with multiple performers. This are productive days and i always aim for at least 4 video’s and photo sets. The location in most of the time a hotel room or rented apartment, this is the perfect way to shoot with 3 to 4 different people and go home with loads of content. I always announce my content days in my calender so take a look there to see when my next content day is.

1 on 1 shoots (performers only)

If you prefer to shoot just with the 2 of us and of course a cameraman this is also a possibility, although this is only for female performers, this includes trans women. Location can be in a hotel room, rented apartment or at your place. If you would like to plan a shoot day together just send me an email

Shoot trips (performers and photographers)

Once a year i hire a villa for about a week to shoot somewhere in Europe. A full week in a beautiful location with around 8 performers and 2 photo/videographers. It’s up to you with who you shoot and how much you shoot, breakfast and drinks are included but you have to take care of your own dinner. Costs depend on location and are around €200 to €300 for the week. Check my calendar to see when the next trip is planned

Photo shoot (photographers only)

Once a month i do a content share photo shoot with a experienced photographer on a beautiful location. I’m only interested in artistic and fetish photo shoots in special locations like SM studio’s, abandoned buildings, beautiful outdoor locations, Victorian style houses and other locations that aren’t the basis photo studio background or basic forest. If you would like to plan a shoot please email me with your idea, a link to your portfolio and a couple of references

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