I love doing real life sessions but because my time is very limited i am quite selective in who i session with. So please read this page carefully to see if our intrests match.

The shortest session i offer is 1 hour, i believe you need at least 1 hour to get the full experience an honestly even that is a bit short. My sessions are great for both new and experienced subs, i love to explore boundaries and discover our deepest desires. Yes indeed i said our desires, why? because it intrigues me to know what turns you on, what you are afraid of and what you crave for but don’t want to admit to. I don’t yell or scream, i’m dominant but not mean. I use my eyes, my sensuality and my voice to get you where i want you. I love to seduce you, hurt you and make you crave for more.

I don’t work with scripts but make up as i go, it all depends on how i feel and how you respond to me. A session can include a long tease & denial session, whipping and spanking, analplay, waxplay, bondage, sissyfication, watersports and so much more. I love to laugh and have fun, tease you and make you beg.

To see when and where i will be doing sessions please check my calendar and if you want to apply for a sessions fill out the booking form

For sessions in The Netherlands you need to book at least 7 days in advance

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