You can also book me for photo and video work, this can be a kinky/fetish or BDSM shoot. I'm not available for vanilla shoots and prices depend on the type of shoot, the location and the duration. If you have a budget just let me know and i will tell you if i agree with it. I can travel abroad for shoots, but if you don't have references or only old references it is possible that i ask for a small down payment. You can book me for the following type of shoots.

  • Soft BDSM Dominant
  • Hard BDSM Dominant
  • Soft girl/girl fetish
  • Hard girl/girl fetish
  • Foot fetish
  • Latex/Leer/Lak fetish
  • Boots fetish
  • Gigantes fetish
  • Spanking shoots (giving)
  • Watersports (giving and solo)
  • Panty fetish
  • Solo and duo photoshoots
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