Newsletter March

Newsletter March

New website

yes i have a new website about kinky and BDSM! In the upcoming months i will be adding lots of new content including pictures and articles from sessions and later this year a page with video's 

Studio Donna Fiera

A while ago i visited Studio Donna Fiera in Arnhem (The Netherlands) to see the studio and meet Mistress Jill who owns the studio. It’s a beautiful and fully equipped studio in the middle of the city and is easy to reach by car or with public transport. The studio has 2 fully equipped BDSM rooms and a room equipped for nursing. I will be here twice a month, in March this will be on the 12th and 29th for an appointment please contact the studio at number +31 26 351 7792. There are also possibilities to do a session with a second mistress or with me and a female sub.

Online sessions & meet and greet

A few weeks ago i started doing online sessions again, this is the perfect way to meet and talk about your fantasies or to explore them and follow my instructions. It doesn't matter if you are new or experienced within a matter of seconds i will have you wrapped around my finger. For online sessions you can find me here .  

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